The Author

Prabhash Karan is an engineer. He worked as a metallurgical engineer, civil engineer, structural engineer, and nuclear power plant engineer. Later, he worked as a software engineer writing computer codes in over two dozen programming languages.  He was involved in developing IBM’s three operating systems.  He speaks four languages and writes primarily in English and occasionally in his native language, Bengali. He writes very simple, targeted, and topic oriented, and makes the topic easy  to get.

He was born and raised in a loving family of eight in a remote village of coastal India. With no electricity and everybody in bare feet, he was raised in his multi-generational ancestral home — open air, earth and water, father and mother. He is a naturalist and a faithful follower of Mother Nature. He loves music and walking. Now over 74 (in 2021), he is a family man who still works fulltime, never been sick for a day in his life. He is an individual who is passionately optimistic about life. To him, life is so beautiful!

He is the author of five books: Nature Is My Teacher; Of Human Nature and Good Habits; Life, Living and Lifestyle; How to Win Nature and Enjoy Good Life; and Health and Medical Care. His forthcoming book is In God We Trust.

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